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Smart device fully studied and produced in Italy

From the beginning, the emotional drive of the company management was to design and create an intelligent device entirely studied and produced in Italy. Our company is predominantly female and covers the entire Italy, thanks to the personal and professional provenance of the founding members: Calabria, Lazio and Lombardia.

We are a team of Italian professionals and entrepreneurs, active in different sectors (research, science, technology, design, production, services, security, design, export) engaged in creating a unique device, the first in Italy, functional in monitoring the temperature and subsequently sanitizing people including clothes and shoes, a multi-function cabin to be installed in the entrances before accessing in common spaces.

Transparent protective barrier around each individual

We started by dreaming the world in which we would like to live, free from the fears of any virus, bacterium, spores, etc., and unfortunately we had to face with the bitter truth of their uncomfortable presence and the impossibility of being immune from contagion.

Our vision of Protego™ is to create a protective and defensive shield capable of erecting - just as in fairy tales - a transparent protective barrier around each individual and object to fight the most feared invisible enemy.

The collaborations activated on national scale, thanks to the multidisciplinary backgrounds of the members, have allowed us to patent and launch on the market a unique device, able to respond to the demands related to the future that awaits us in a serious and fast way.

la mission IPS4

Our mission

Integrated Protection Systems 4 Srl has devised and patented a system capable of bringing the entire “System”, in Italy and in the World, back to almost normal, reassuring all people who will use Protego™ not to have a fever and to be completely sanitized.

Our team

Carmen Santagati presidente

Carmen Santagati
President and legal representative

Carmen Santagati graduated with V.O. honors in International and Diplomatic Sciences at the University of Genoa, University Diploma in Advanced Study at Oxford Brookes University. Resp. Development Federal Vigilanza Srl; General Manager; Innovation Manager; European Project Manager, Temporary Export Manager; Agent in Financial Activities.

Salvatore Mancuso vice presidente

Salvatore Mancuso
Vice President Cda

Graduate at Luiss University in Rome, Master in Industrial Markets Marketing at Bocconi University. Board of Directors Bank of Catanzaro; Vice President US Catanzaro Spa; AD Minerva Airlines Spa; Executive Teknalsystem Srl; CEO Immobilsystem Ltd. DG Rolltek Srl.

Germana Gandoglia consigliere

Germana Gandoglia
Councillor Cda

Graduate in Political Science at La Sapienza University in Rome ; Consultant at Labeataly Group; CEO Real Estate Jost Van Dyke; Director of Restaurants “Espressamente Illy” s.c. CinecittaDue

I.P.S.4 makes use of the collaboration of external resources made up of Marketing, IOT, Security and Commercial professionals. It is also in place an important collaboration with the University of Calabria for the support in the development of PROTEGO™ and for the formulation of a sanitation liquid that respects and enhances the typicality of the territory. With regard to the aesthetic development of the PROTEGO product™, the Company has relied on the pencil of the Arch. Fabio Rotella, Studio Rotella. With offices in different metropolises around the world, L'Arch. Fabio Rotella, Studio Rotella. Fabio Rotella is responsible for Architecture, InteriorDesign, Art Direction & Grafic, as well as Product Design. PROTEGO™ can therefore be customized for each customer. It is an integrated system in which technology and creativity Made in Italy merge. The choice is to match aesthetics and safety in a single device so that Protego becomes complementary to the location where it was installed.

Protego™ fits perfectly in any field and industry.

We wanted to give a concrete answer to everyone: industries, airports, stations, offices, professional studios, restaurants, fitness centers, stadiums, beauty farms, swimming pools, subways, gyms, medical centers, hotels, schools, condominiums, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement centers, beauty centers, churches, bathing facilities, etc.

It is a revolutionary multifunctional unique system in the world