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The warranty and multi-year assistance

Each Protego™ is covered by warranty and multi-year assistance and you can order and buy directly on our website the refills of the sanitizing product.

Our customer service is always available to provide any information and to support customers in their choices and will provide all explanations regarding the characteristics and operation of our device.

Protego™ has been designed for a diffusion in the Italian and International territory with two keywords that we care about: safety and simplicity.

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I.P.S.4 to meet the needs of all, has established and signed agreements with the banking system through which it is possible to buy Protego™ using the formula of financing or instrumental leasing.

There are also additional multiple options to meet customers' wishes (e.g. access blocking in the absence of a mask; facial and digital recognition; employee registration; access control and counting people; etc.)

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It is a revolutionary system that will allow everyone to live and work calm and safe. I protect™ aims to facilitate a safe and secure return to the workplace.

Government tax credit to get up to 50% of the refund through 2020 in Italy:

DL 18/2020 issued on March 17, better known as Decree Cura Italia.
DL 23/2020 issued on 8 April, better known as the Liquidity Decree.

Our device is part of the decree of the Italian Government. Decree-Law 17 March 2020, No. 18, so-called "Cura Italia" bearing the "Measures to strengthen the National Health Service and economic support for families, workers and businesses, related to the epidemiological emergency by COVID-19."

The measure, which is in force from 17/03/2020, provides for art. 64 specific incentives for sanitizing workplaces.

In particular, in order to encourage the sanitization of working environments, as a measure to contain the contagion of the COVID-19 virus, those who carry out business, art or profession activities are awarded, for the 2020 tax period, a tax credit, to the extent of 50% of the costs of sanitizing environments and working devices bought, supported and documented by receipts up to a maximum of 20,000 euros per beneficiary , in the total limit of 50 million euros for the year 2020.

It is already possible to book PROTEGO™, contact us to receive all the information and talk to our specialist consultants. Do you have any questions?